Elizabeth Hoffman

Many people may see me as just a designer, but I see myself wholly as a visual problem solver. In many ways I am an “artsmith” I do a little of everything from illustrating to welding to printmaking. My affection for crafting by hand has a strong influence on my design projects whether for a client or for my own benefit.
When beginning a new project, I consider all the possible ways to approach the task and pick the strategy that best fits the project. I start a project by sketching, researching, and exploring related ideas that inspire me. Rarely do I just design on a computer; often I will handwrite and illustrate the design, allowing it to have a personal feel. I enjoy finding ways to work without digital tools, only later using the computer to enhance my handcrafted work. I create my own patterns and photographs to embed a unique quality into my designs.
Some of my favorite design projects are page layouts. I have written, illustrated and designed several children’s books. I love working with text, imagery, and solving the spatial problems that are commonplace in page layout. Finding new ways to make each element fit together like a puzzle comes naturally to me. Often I begin with the copy, I plan how I want the text to be split up on the pages, and then sketch a storyboard based on scenes. I continue with the illustrations, after the coloring and editing, I place the text. I believe my favorite part of this process is to see the finished product in my hands. There is a special thrill from holding one of my finished books in my hands and knowing I created it.